Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 with Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 135 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 135, the story unfolds with intrigue and conflict. The episode begins with a shortage of resources and manpower in Osman’s headquarters. Concerned about the situation, Connor inquires about the circumstances and learns that Yaqub Bey has discouraged other chiefs from aiding Osman Bey.

During this conversation, rebels, sent by Muhammad B., offer their support against the infidels. Connor defers the decision to Osman Bey, who is on his way.

Meanwhile, Rehan Bey is on a quest for treasure, with Muhammad Bebe secretly tracking his movements. Malhun Khatun arrives at Yaqoob Bey’s bazaar, where Aladdin accompanies her. Yaqoob Bey inquires about his daughter Gunja Khatoon, and Alauddin is highly praised.

As Osman Bey’s forces prepare to attack Leif, they encounter the rebels and question their presence, learning that it is Arhan Bey’s doing. However, Osman Bey decides they don’t require assistance.

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Arhan Bey continues searching for the treasure in a cave and finds it. Holofra observes the situation and sneaks into the cave. In a tragic twist, Mahmat Bey and his soldiers are ambushed and killed by Holofra. Osman Bey’s forces are unaware of the threat.

A battle ensues with Muhammad Bay’s men, who have converted to Christianity, and Arhan Bey is wounded by an arrow. Holofra saves Arhan and takes her away. Meanwhile, Osman Bey confronts the rebels, testing their loyalty and ultimately allowing them to join, but with no share of the loot.

Yunus Emre rescues Arhan Bey and tends to her injuries. Osman Bey heads to the fort, only to find it already conquered by Yaqoob Bey, who reads Sultan Masoud’s advice. Osman Bey questions Yaqoob Bey’s leadership, highlighting the differences between him and Mother Sultan and Wazir Alam Shah.

This is a brief summary of what to expect in Kurulus Osman Episode 135, with the potential for more twists and confrontations.

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